The beginning of December is hardly a traditional time to start a new venture. Christmas is around the corner, and then the new year and resolutions, but it is the end of NaNoWriMo and for various reasons that means my new year really starts here.

And all THAT means is that I’m going to give this blog thing another go. I’ve spruced up the layout, I’ve tidied away the old posts (they’re not deleted, but I have archived them off the site on the grounds that I don’t think anyone wants to know what I was talking about two years ago (!)), and given myself a pretty much clean slate.

So what can you expect from this venture? Well, regular posts, for one thing. Since the office move I’ve found that I often have a chunk of time on a Thursday evening where I’m still in the office but all I’m doing is killing time until I go downstairs for my weekly gym session (yes, my office is now above my gym – I really have no excuses now!), so that seems like a really good time to put out a weekly update. There may be posts between those weekly updates – or there may not be! – but the weekly updates should be pretty regular.

As for what the posts will be about…that very much depends on what’s going on. My main focus is going to be on my assorted writing projects, likely with a side order of “state of Athersgeo” from time to time. There might also be the odd rant or essay about random things and the odd film review.

Hopefully, there’ll be something in there that will interest you!