Can’t believe how quickly it’s rolled around – I know they say that time seems to pass faster the older you get, but damnit I’m not THAT old yet. (Okay. I’m nearly that old – or at least that’s what my joints have been telling me today!) Anyway. You didn’t come here to read me whine, but for updates on what I’m doing, so I’ll get on with that. (Maybe I’ll manage to forget how much my elbows are hating me right now…)

So, progress and projects seem to be the order of the day – and as there’s precious little of the former, a list of the current latter is what you’re going to get this week. One or two of them are perforce a little vague, but the rest should be straight forward enough. Also, this list shouldn’t be considered to be in priority order – as most folks probably already know, I flit from project to project a lot of the time, so I may be working on some, all or none of them at any given time.

Emissary aka The Black, Path Book 1
This is a high fantasy story that I’ve been working on for over a year. It was what I was working on for NaNo LAST year; it was what I was working on for NaNo THIS year (complete from scratch rewrite!); it’s been something I’ve been noodling around and world building on in between the two NaNos, and something that I’m still noodling on now that NaNo this year is over. (For anyone interested: no, I didn’t ‘win’ NaNo this year – too much other stuff going on in the end for me to concentrate.) Yeah. It’s a brain-eater all right. It’s got some interesting ideas in it and what I hope are some different characters to the ones you usually see in this kind of fantasy story (or at least, different takes on them). My main aim for the coming year is to get a complete draft of this done and then see what it’s actually worth.

Figuring out what the shape of Books 2 and 3 in the series are would be a serious bonus, too!

Vagueness ahoy here. For those that don’t know, Yuletide is an annual rare-fandom fic exchange that I’ve taken part in for seven? eight? years (I’ve lost count – sorry!). It’s anonymous and thus the lack of details. Suffice to say, I have two* stories of at least 1000 words that I need to write and post by 9am on the 20th and they’re both proving to be a bit of a challenge. This is the section where I really hope next week I’ll be able to say “Done it!” for at least one story (preferably both – but I’ll take one!).

*Currently – depending on how things go, there may be additional stories taken on!

Images of Elsewhere
Yep. This is actually a thing: I am actually dipping my toes back into the Identiverse. I have two parts of this already written; I have a third that is mostly written. Unfortunately, November happened, which put a bit of a brake on, but once Yuletide is out of the way, this will be back on and with a vengeance. I’m hoping here to have a better idea of an ETA (and also a posting location!) sometime towards the end of January.

Troubles for Francie
This is something that’s languishing in development hell at the moment. I know WHAT I want to happen, it’s just a matter of stitching all the little bits that I’ve written in different locations together and making them coherent.

A Woman With Friends
This is the follow up to A Woman Alone and was an attempted NaNo story a few years back. A bit like Francie’s continuing adventures, I’ve got chunks of this written all over the place as odd thoughts have occurred to me, and I’d very much like to sit down and finish this. If nothing else, I’ve had people dangling off the edge of the cliff at the end of A Woman Alone for far too long!

This is not, by any stretch, an exhaustive list of my various works in progress, but they ARE the ones I’m most likely to be working on in the next few months. Though I do reserve my right to change my mind…

Let’s see what the next week brings!