Yep – yesterday was my birthday. You can insert Droopy waving his flag at this point – the day ended up quite well (thank you to Tesco for recognising that gluten free people like cream cakes as much as the rest of the population and to friends who find quirky and cool gifts in Xmas markets!) and the beginning was good (I’m now the proud owner of a Darth Duck!) and the very middle point put a smile on my face for the rest of the day (hooray for lovely people giving me gluten free goodies!) but the rest of the middle I could have gladly lived without.

As I said on Facebook: clients. Can’t live with them; can’t bury them under the patio.

Yes, work is still being nuttier than squirrel shit which means my writing has not been going well. I’m still two stories short of Yuletide (deadline being 9am on Sunday morning!) and there might be an element of panic setting in now…

However I have an hour now, before I go off for PT, so time to make it count.