I’m posting early today because, well, it’s Christmas Eve and there’s a bunch of stuff I need to do this afternoon when I get home from work (yes, I’m working today – or this morning, at least!)

[Boss, if you’re reading this: I wrote this last night and scheduled it for publication for this morning!]

Anyway. An update on the writing front. This time last week there were no stories written for Yuletide. This time this week, there are four completed stories (though two of them need another couple of editing passes – see above re stuff to do this afternoon!) all posted and ready for their recipients tomorrow, and not a single one of them is a bare-minimum word count. I think the shortest is around 2.5k, followed by two at 3.5k and one at a whopping 4.5k.

I’ll do a full roundup of what I wrote for Yuletide once the author reveals have happened, probably for my first post of 2016. Sharing the details before then is generally frowned upon!

I hope my recipients enjoy them.

So seasons greetings to you all – if you’re celebrating tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely day. If you’re not celebrating tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely Friday.