Yes, I know – I’m late. By my own schedule this should have gone up yesterday, but I thought that if I waited until today I could tidy up Yuletide because the collection goes un-anonymous at the turn of the year. Normal service resumes next week!

So. Yuletide. As I mentioned last week, I ended up writing not one, not two, not three but four separate stories – my original assignment and three pinch hits (pinch hits, for the uninitiated, are assignments that have to be reassigned because their original author dropped out). As in Yuletides previous, I ended up writing in four very different fandoms. Unlike Yuletides past, though, I can actually see me going back to three of them to either write sequels or to complete the story arc I seem to have accidentally started! The fourth I might dip into again, but I don’t have any immediate plans.

Stories, then (in no particular order):

  1. Coming to an Understanding
    Set in Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series, I described this as being “No, really, communication is not just for other people”. Largely as a result of my recipient’s prompts this ended up being set a lot closer to the current series endpoint than I normally prefer, which means it’s probably the last accessible story if you don’t know the books (sorry!). It’s also my third story in the universe and I have a few ideas of how to link this to the other two – but that’s definitely something I want to write outside of Yuletide (partly because writing in your already established series is a bit frowned on and partly because it will have to feature a number of characters dying and that’s usually something high on people’s do not want list!)
    Read The Story Here
  2. Sausages for Dinner
    Set in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I described this as being “Nobody dies – for a change”. It’s a case fic – and a bit of a fluffy one, seeing as there’s no actual murder involved! There’s a few references to various episodes thrown in, but it does stand alone. This is the one story where I don’t have any immediate plans to write more. I won’t say ‘never’, but I can say I likely won’t do it again for Yuletide as I think it’s pretty much over-limit now.
    Read The Story Here
  3. A Long Story
    A post-finale fix-it for the TV show Forever, I described this as being “Communication – it’s good, yo!”. This one is one I will definitely revisit later this year – although it doesn’t end on a cliff hanger, precisely, the ending is a springboard into something much bigger. If you haven’t seen the show, it won’t make a tonne of sense, although as the whole point of it is explanation it’s not quite as inaccessible as story no.1!
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  4. The Scent of the Sea
    This is Carthiginian Mythology – and proof that oh BOY do the victors write the history! This was easily the most challenging of the four stories to write, partly because, unlike Grecco-Roman mythology, there is really not a great deal written down about it. (See? Victors write the stories.) That said, I have IDEAS for this, going forward. They’re not going to appear quickly, but they will appear. (I had hoped to write at least one more story for this recipient before the collections went public, but things got beyond me.)
    Read The Story Here

The best bit, however, is that all four of my recipients loved what they were gifted, so I consider it a thoroughly successful Yuletide from that perspective.

On the other side of the equation, I received some fantastic fic. Two are for the Britney Spears music video ‘Lucky’; the other is for the Man from UNCLE (film version, not TV show [which doesn’t in any way shape or form qualify for Yuletide!])

Definitely a Yuletide win for me this time out!