In this instance, normal has several meanings:

  1. Back to working five days a week
  2. Back to going to Zumba/tap/yoga (no I don’t do all of that on the same evening!)
  3. Back to wishing I could bury one or two of our clients under the nearest patio

You’ll notice that what it doesn’t mean is that I’m back to writing, which is frustrating. I have stories I want to tell and stories I want to finish and I just don’t seem to able to find the time/energy to do it at the moment. I’d say that’s what my weekend will be for, but at the rate one particular work project is going may it’s going to necessitate some working over the weekend so, probably not this week.

However, in a more positive vein, I do foresee some writing time later on next week – it’s time for my annual (ish) trip to the mineral hospital for a check up and that generally means a goodly chunk of otherwise dead time (the train timetable is such that I either pitch up in Bath with an hour to spare, or I turn up five minutes before my appointment). So Thursday morning will have me armed with notebook and pen and, with a little luck, Thursday evening will have me in less whiny mode able to gush about lots of progress!

It’s a goal, at least.