Well, today’s been a proverbial waste of make up. Then again, what can you expect when you wake up from a nightmare five minutes before your alarm’s due to go off? It was always going to be a bad day from a start like that and it didn’t disappoint.

First of all was my appointment at the Mineral Hospital. I was scheduled at 9am (to arrive a little before to have my height/weight/BP taken). I was actually seen a little after 10am as the third patient of the day and then dismissed inside ten minutes with a “Well you say [symptom] is worse but I’m not going to do anything about it” – and three minutes of that was spent arguing about a blood test and where it was taken!

Then came the annoying discovery that I’d once more managed to arrive at Bath station two minutes after a suitable train had left – which meant thirty minutes hanging around on the station. (This happens so frequently that on any other day it wouldn’t raise a blip.)

Then I get into work and find that one website is misbehaving in a very weird fashion. The annoying part with this was I knew what the problem was; I just couldn’t get the solution to work. What should have been a five minute fix took half an hour and much head scratching.

Then there was the real blood boiler, from another client. I can’t say much because I pretty much anything I say would make it entirely too recognisable, so let’s just leave this rant with the words: Clients. Can’t live with them, can’t bury them under the patio.

And before anyone points out that’s actually only four rants, the fifth rant is that from the way it feels in here, I’m clearly going to have to chisel my car out of its own ice block when I actually leave.

There was one small high point, though: I’ve figured out how to end a chapter of Images of Elsewhere. It isn’t much writing, but at least it’s something…