Okay, so it was only about six paragraphs and I need to probably edit them a bit (I probably shouldn’t attempt writing, but still – it finished off the third part of Images of Elsewhere and means that I’m just about in a position to start posting.

That all begs the question: where?

All my recent posting has been done on AO3, largely as a function of all my recent writing being relating to challenges being done on there (mainly Yuletide, but also a couple of other, smaller challenges). The problem with AO3 is two-fold. The first part of it is that I actually don’t like the archive that much. The tagging should make it easier to find what you’re looking for but people mis-use tags or use more tags than they do words in their stories (seriously, I’ve seen things that are just wall-o-tags) and it’s just…confusing. The second issue with AO3 is that, with one exception, none of my previous ID’verse stuff is posted there and there is no way that Images of Elsewhere is accessible if you haven’t read at least some of my past stuff, which means reposting/formatting of *pauses**counts* ten multi-part stories (two of which were pushing twenty parts; one that pushed fifteen and the rest which were between six and ten parts), plus I have no honest clue how many shorter stories (some of which ran to several parts in their own right!) which is a terrifying amount of posting! (Of course, said posting WOULD give me a grand excuse to rewrite some of those stories and, by coincidence, I am actually three quarters of the way through one of those rewrites…)

Door number two, of course, is the Pit of Voles. I haven’t uploaded anything on there in yonks so I’ve no idea how buggy that process is these days and then there’s the fact that, last time I checked, all the PR fandom is crammed into one category over there and, really, is anyone over there even remotely interested in someone posting stuff for a fifteen/sixteen year old incarnation? On the upside, it is the home of my original ID’verse stuff so it would be easy enough for newcomers to figure out where to start – but

Which leads me to option number three, which is write my own website. Thing of that is that I’d STILL have to potentially post all my prior ID’verse stuff (if I can find my back ups of the old ID’verse website this mightn’t be quite so painful, but that’s a bit of a big if!), with the added annoyance of having to essentially do my day job for my hobby as well and the knowledge that posting to my own website is a bit like shouting into a vacuum. (I might feel less ambivalent about this option if I actually had some artistic skills to spiff up a website, but I really don’t. There are excellent reasons why I never describe myself as a web designer – developer and programmer, yes; designer, nope!)

So those are my options. Anyone have a view?