I’ve reached the point in my week where my capacity to give a fig has been utterly exhausted by my clients thanks to a string of increasingly picky “minor amends” and “can you justs”. I don’t mind fixing genuine bugs, but correcting something because the designer “changed his mind” or because the client forgot to add it into the spec and I had to figure out where to put it gets wearing after a while.

Especially when I’m stuck doing two people’s work because *dramatic pause* my boss is on vacation.


All of which premable is a longwinded way of saying “no writing this week – writing next week” (to paraphrase Ivanova).

However, I do now have a decision on where I’m going to be posting (when I’m ready to post – which is going to be a bit further away than I was thinking last week). After some thinking and some sage counsel (*waves*), the answer is AO3. It does mean reposting a whole lot of stuff, which I’m not massively enthused about, but it does give me the opportunity to fix things that (with the hindsight of fifteen years or so) really bug me.

Given the size and scale of the project, don’t expect to be seeing Images of Elsewhere any time much before, probably, Christmas (!) – it really isn’t fair to try and post that without at least some of the backstory – but, equally, given the size and scale of the project, what I am going to do is set up a (very rough) schedule of what I plan to do, and when.

February: The Month of Prequels
I don’t have many prequel stories for the ID’verse, oddly – most of what I wrote is sequel – but what I do have is in dire need of a brush up. Possibly a rewrite. Probably a print-out-and-incinerate-and-start-again. At least, that’s what applies to the prequel that’s already been posted (“School Daze”). There is a second prequel story that is rather better, but it’s never been posted. So this month will be a two-fer. Something old, reworked, and something new, so you’re not bored.

March: The Month of Side Stories
This will be were I sweep up the various short (and, uh, not so short) stories that were written around Identity. Whether I will import all of the things I posted as Identity Outtakes is something I’m still debating, but it will definitely cover the more meaningful ones and the stories that were posted outside of the Outtakes umbrella (things like “What Matters” – another one that possibly needs a goodly dose of lighter fluid!).

April: The Month of Identity
This is the biggie. Parts of this are fine as they stand, but some parts of it are…rough – and it doesn’t actually hang together as an overall story because of the episodic way I wrote it. My intention is to pull it apart and reassemble it into a “proper” story – which will mean veering rather further away from the show’s structure and allowing myself to write a bit more of my own dialogue and emphasis (!)

May: The Month of Max Force
May’s going to be a bit of a short month for me (I’ve got a vacation in the middle of it), so it seems fitting that the story that needs the least amount of work falls on it. Even now, I’m still pleased with the way MF turned out (even if the severely compressed timescale did rather screw up my plans!). That said, it would definitely benefit from a bit of a spiff-up and a little more editing in a couple of spots.

June: The Month of Hide and Seek
This is another biggie. As much as the original story is one I’m pleased with, it’s not the story I really set out to write or tell, and as a result, I’ve been noodling away with a rewrite of this off and on for about ten years.

July: The Month of Future Imperfect
Considering how bitty this was to write, this is actually not a story I’ve ever thought “Ye gads, this needs a rewrite”. A bit of a tidy up, possibly, but not a rewrite, so I suspect July will also be the month where I catch myself up a bit.

August: The Month of Almost Unreal
Oh my. This one needs work. From someone “fancying a bath” (!) to the ending (!!) it’s just…not a story I’m terribly proud of! Major surgery will happen on this one, so – and even though it’s possibly the shortest of the ID’verse stories – it gets its own month.

September: The Month of More Short Stories
This will sweep up things like the Mother’s Boy mini-series and the two ID’verse epilogues. Some of these need more work than others and there very likely will be another genuinely new story in this batch, with the third-and-final story in the Mother’s Boy mini-series. It won’t sweep up Soaring Eagle or Jingle All The Way – they both need way too much in the way of work (or will do by the time I’ve finished rewriting other things!) and are a bit of a side-branch anyway, so they likely won’t be reposted this year.

October & November: The Month of Far Future
Ambitiously, I’m aiming to post all of Far Future in October and November. None of the five stories need much in the way of work, so it’s just a case of formatting and posting here. I’m tentatively thinking that I’ll be able to post a complete story each week, but I have another vacation planned in for the end of October, which is why it will dribble over into November, and this will give me a chance to catch up again, too.

December: The Month of Images of Elsewhere
Yup; Christmas comes…well…in December. My hope is that I’ll have finished the main writing on this by then, so I’ll be able to post and still be able to do Yuletide.

So, that’s the plan. We’ll see how I do!