So another week passes and still nothing of note to report – except to say, I remember now why I made a rule back when I was doing this the first time: once it’s posted, walk away. I’ve just spent nearly an hour trying to tweak a sentence.

I’ve tugged it this way. I’ve tugged it that way. I’ve chopped it up. I’ve stuck it back together. I’ve tried breaking it into smaller sentences. And the end result is it’s back to being a giant run-on – just with a different word order. *facepalm*

In other ways, however, this week has been profitable. I’ve skipped ahead slightly to March’s targets and run through what’s lurking and come to the conclusion that, frankly, most of the “Outtakes” stories aren’t really worth revamping. The exceptions to this are the quartet of Eric-related stories (because: Eric!), all four of which are going to be folded in together as one story, which will help me fix  up “What Matters”. So that makes next month’s workload easier because I’ll essentially be writing a new story rather than trying to scrape away the grot.

And next Tuesday sees me off to the dental hospital which should see me with plenty of time on my hands to work on that. (Yes, I know next Tuesday’s still in February – I’m not trying to nitpick myself while sitting in a noisy waiting room!)

So this time next week, there will be real, genuine progress.

Now back to this wretched sentence. Surely there’s some way of arranging the words so that the Gods of Grammar and Aesthetics are pleased by it. Surely…