As the ancient Chinese curse goes, may you live in interesting times – and those times have definitely been ‘interesting’ this week. The first thing to note is that the Dental Hospital managed to strike again – even as I was talking to my boss about what time I would be heading there, they rang me to tell me my appointment was postponed.

As you might imagine, this rather threw not just my week into flux but my boss’s as well.

Then there was the work stuff that we’ve been dealing with this week which I’m not going to go into detail about (for what I’d hope would be obvious reasons!) but that’s been something of a circus – but one that, for a change, we seem to be coming out ahead on.

And that’s on top of all the regular stuff – like the cat deciding at 4am he’s cold and MUST therefore get into bed with me. (FTR he was indeed cold. Waking up with cold cat paws poking you in the arm is not pleasant – though at least he managed not to insert his claws this time…)

So, yeah. Interesting times.

Interesting writing times, too. For all that I haven’t managed to get a story posted, I have managed to get March’s project well in hand. Granted, I do feel it’s a little bit of a cheat (admission time: I’m using the framework of something I started yonks ago, so in practice I have the whole first half written, pretty much!), but it does mean it’s going to be a little more interesting for folks than just being rewrites of stuff that’s been posted before. So there’s that. There’s also last week’s problem rewrite, which is advancing one tortured sentence after another. So I do have hopes that I’ll have something to launch before February’s done.