About the only good part of this week is that after tomorrow I have a long weekend. Then again, the reason I have said long weekend is because I’m at the dental hospital on Monday so…maybe not so much of a good thing.

Work is continuing to be insane (quite literally, yesterday, I had seven urgent projects on my desk which all needed to be dealt with at once – yeah, that didn’t happen!) but despite that, I have actually applied finger-to-keyboard in a creative fashion (and I don’t just mean my spelling!). Nothing really to show for it yet, but things are taking shape.

With the (pseudo) long weekend ahead of me, I’m hoping that I’ll get a good amount of stuff done – at this point, I have six stories in-progress and it would be nice if I could wrap up at least one of them, and I’m not especially choosy on which one!

Guess we’ll see what happens.