I’m assuming no-one reading this blog will not be surprised to learn that this week has not gone entirely to plan. (Note that I’m assuming there are people out there reading this – if there aren’t, well, just let me keep my illusions, eh!)

Which is not to say that it wasn’t productive – assuming productive can be translated to “spent her day off walking 7 miles and arguing with five different pieces of computer technology”. The 7 miles part I knew I’d be doing (by personal policy, I do not drive to the dental hospital – that way I don’t have to deal with the hell that is the M32 in rush hour and nor do I have to give NCP large quantities of money! – and since I haven’t yet figured out personal teleportation, I take the train to Temple Meads and walk!). The arguing with technology part was not planned. The only upside was that I used the ‘down’ time to give the Force Awakens a second watch. (I suppose, technically, I could have been writing, but as my Netbook was one of the recalcitrant pieces of technology that ended up needing two reboots before it would behave, I wouldn’t have got far!)

All in all, then, it’s another week with not a lot to show for it. And yet, I actually think this week’s been one of my better ones. I mean, sure, the word count of my various projects hasn’t increased by much, but I have done some incredibly useful thinking. I’ve finally nailed down the motivation for why my bad guy hates my protagonist. I’ve finally figured out why my protagonist is the way she is. Heck, I’ve finally, once and for all, worked out that my protagonist is a she. (Admittedly, that does open up another set of questions, but I think they can mostly be answered with “Thou shalt not attempt to screw with a trained assassin or she will break your kneecaps”. It’s not a perfect answer, or a complete answer, but it’s enough of an answer to let me finish this story!)

So that’s where I’m at.

A whole lotta plot and currently not enough words.

One other upside to Monday’s technology shenanigans is that I got to do a bit of house keeping on my assorted file stashes. Some of what I found was a nice selection of wtf’ery; some of it was comedy gold; some of it surprised me for actually being good. And one item is a brand new story (and the subject line of this post – assuming people are still reading by this point!)

The story is called Fitting the Pieces and it’s a companion piece to something I wrote for Yuletide in 2008 (!). They’re both set in the Jason Bourne film universe and both set at the end of Ultimatum/Legacy (you do have to have seen the former; you don’t have to have seen the latter).

You can read Fitting the Pieces here
ou can read 3am here