First full week of boss vacation down; one more to go.

My to do list has at least shrunk to manageable proportions (I started the week with over 50 items on it – which is, by definition, not counting the extra stuff that got done but never made it onto the list – and I’ve got that down to just 5 and I’m half way through two of them), but the amount of rank stupidity I’ve been dealing with this week has exhausted my capacity to process stuff and left me at the point of fire bad, tree pretty.

And just to crown my joy, I have a client meeting to attend on Tuesday morning, so I get to have that hanging over me through the long weekend.

Still, it is a long weekend coming up and, apart from a shopping trip to try and locate a corporate-meeting-appropriate skirt (because of COURSE the client I’m going to see would have to be one of the really big scary corporate ones that requires dressing like I’m not actually a computer programmer [never mind the part where that’s kinda actually what I am]), I don’t have anything planned so I should be able to get some writing done. As with the last long weekend, the aim is to finish something.


Hell, I’ll even take concluding a paragraph – even that would be progress on some of my stuff at this point!