I know I said I’d be posting last week, but, honestly between the travel-induced tiredness* and the con crud, which descended rather unpleasantly, I was actually in bed and asleep before 9pm last Thursday. However, the crud has cleared up and I’m back to normal now.

Well, what passes for normal, at any rate!

That said it was an excellent break, spent catching up with old friends and making some new ones. As the con crud might imply, some of the time was spent at a sci-fi convention, which was a lot of fun, although a bit overwhelming in patches. And slightly disconcerting, at times, given the sheer amount of cosplay. (There’s something very wrong with watching Q and a lady Klingon eating french fries together…)

I didn’t collect any autographs or even, really, any photos of the con guests (my assigned seat was right at the back of the hall – which did at least mean I could discreetly enter and exit), but I did get to hear George Takei, William Shatner and Walter Koenig talk and tell stories which was enormously entertaining. And if they were perhaps the banner guests, the other guests were just as entertaining (just probably not as well known).

Apart from the con, the chief feature of the break was walking. Thanks to my FitBit, I know that we walked somewhere in the region of 15 miles, between visiting the Landshaftspark**, revisiting the zoo and getting to see how things have changed since my last visit. It’s not often you can say “I went on vacation and I lost weight” – but it’s true!

I have a stack of photos from the Landshaftspark and the zoo, so sooner or later (sooner, probably) there’ll be a facebook post to inflictshare the best of the bunch. If there’s any REALLY good ones, there might even be a blog post with them…

The one thing that didn’t really happen (not that I expected it to, to be fair) was writing. I did noodle around a couple of scenes of original fiction (for those keeping track, yes, this was the NaNo universe), and I did do quite a bit of thinking on various projects, but nothing really got committed to the page. Still, it’s a long weekend up-coming, and I think I might just have resolved one of my major stumbling blocks (literally, as I was typing this paragraph!), so I’m thinking this weekend might just be nicely productive.

Here’s hoping, at least!

*it wasn’t jet lag – I was only in Germany! – it was the fact that I had to be up at 6am BST [7am local time] and didn’t get home until nearly 9pm BST, and spent a chunk of the day lugging a large and heavy bag around Köln Hbf and Brussels Zuid, to say nothing of making myself REALLY popular in the London rush hour!

**It used to be a steel works – the works closed sometime in the late 80s (I think) and rather than demolish the whole lot, it was turned into a quite lovely public park. I didn’t get to see the best bit (which is a panoramic view of the park and surrounds – me and high places are very non-mixy things), but the parts that I did see were pretty darn spectacular all the same.