I’m not sure which I’m disliking more at the moment – my cat or my computer. Both have, in different ways, annoyed me deeply this week. Since the computer didn’t decide to hork up a hairball at 4:20am this morning (fortunately NOT in the bed this time*), I think the cat may be winning.

On the other hand, every time I turned my computer on it had another round of updates to do which meant that none of what I had planned for last weekend got done.

I can report that there are some decent looking photos in my collection – I’m just not sure how many because the computer kept freezing thanks to Microsoft, AVG and Chrome all deciding to update at the same time…

I’ll have another go at that this weekend – hopefully, things have now finished updating. If not…well let’s just say it’s a good thing I’ve long since discovered the wonders of Baileys and Jack Daniels!

Oh, and just for another piece of icing on a fairly shitty sort of week, my boss is back on vacation**.

*Yes, he has done this in the bed, so he gets points for better aim this time – unfortunately, he loses all those points for doing it pretty much exactly where I was going to have to put my foot…

**Yes, really – my boss really does take a lot of vacation!