Writing done at the weekend: nil – though the family visiting didn’t entirely go to plan I was sufficiently zombified on Saturday (thanks to a dying carbon monoxide detector and an as-it-turned-out unnecessarily early start) it was an utter non-start, and Sunday was the day things did (mostly) go to plan so…

Work this week: quiet to the point where I spent Tuesday being paid for playing Solitaire. Haven’t had a day like that for a while, I can tell you! Unfortunately, with my boss actually being in the office, no writing was accomplished, but I did get some done yesterday and I’ve done a little more today, though none of it’s terribly substantial yet.

Oh, and yes, I’ve done more in the line of world building for my original fiction universe.

Three for three, I think!

So what do I see for the coming week. More of the same, I think – if I’m honest. Again, the work thing is a bit touch and go as to whether I’m going to be overworked or playing solitaire, but having had my day doing solitaire, I should be in a better place to use my spare time more wisely, so if it does come to pass, I will have at least one story finished this time next week. The world building thing will likely continue apace – if nothing else, it’s letting me make good use of my studies of Roman politics (to say nothing of the current political shenanigans that are going on on both sides of the Atlantic) – and it probably means that, for the third year in a row, I’m likely going to be working in this universe for NaNo…though I have plenty of time to think harder about that!

As for whether or not I’ll manage some writing over the weekend…there I’m making no predictions. I don’t have any particular plans, so I guess we’ll see what happens!

Oh and at least the temperature’s dropped. Should make PT a little more livable with in twenty minutes’ time…