Well, we managed the improbable and got virtually* all our stuff out of the building by close of business on Friday. Given subsequent events, I’m relieved to say the least. We’ve also secured a new office (again, pretty good going, given we had three and a half days to do this in!), unfortunately, we don’t get to move in there for a couple of weeks (for a number of reasons), which means that I’m working from home.

And I’m absolutely hating it.

I’m missing seeing people. Granted, when I was working, I didn’t necessarily talk to people, but there were smiles and hellos and the occasional chat while the kettle was boiling in the kitchen.

Here, there’s just the cat and mum – and mum is being very careful not to “disturb me” while I’m working. (The cat isn’t giving a fig on that score – he’s just seeing my presence as translating to an early dinner!)

Again, I know I should be happy to still have a job and everything, but like the whole rest of the sorry mess, it still sucks.

And it doesn’t help that I’m horribly under employed at the moment, which means I’m sitting at my computer with very little work to do, but conscious that, because I’m working from home, I really shouldn’t be messing around.

So there we are. Another self-absorbed whine – though if I can’t whine on my own blog, where can I whine?!

Hopefully next week will have some better news and better content.



*We had to leave the furniture – fortunately, the new office comes with desks and chairs, so that’s less of a bind than it might have been, and we may yet be able to rescue it