And they are – this last week has been much better. I’m still working from home (and will be for another week or so), but I’ve had more to do and I’ve generally felt better about the situation – mostly because it is now, finally, done. We know when we can move into the new office, the lease is all signed and done, our clients now know about the change of address and the story is now well and truly out in the public domain (it was in the local paper), so…yeah.

It still sucks for the folks I know, of course, but unless I were to win tonight’s lottery draw there’s nothing I can do to fix their situation and as my own position shows, this shit does come right by degrees.

So that’s the last of that subject.


What also helps is that I’ve had a decently productive creative week as well. A few more building blocks have slotted into place, and while I’m not totally certain that the story unfolding is going to be earth-shatteringly original, I am fairly sure that the characters are engaging.

Well, they’re engaging the heck out of me, at least – and that’s half the battle. Let’s face it: if the writer doesn’t go much on her characters, what hope has a reader got?…!

I’m also working on something to help me nail down all the boring bits of administrivia and world building which is precisely as tedious as it sounds, but it’s also necessary because, at this point, I have notes across three notebooks (paper variety), two computers (ironically, one a notebook!) and in Evernote as well. Nothing’s where I need it when I need it. Thus the tedium of building my own database.

And in amongst this frenzy (for certain values of frenzy!) I haven’t forgotten everything else I’m supposed to be working on. I’m tentatively giving myself until the end of July to finish up with the world building and to have something (or six) ready for posting. We’ll see how that goes.