This week’s been a bit of a reading week. Most of that’s been research-related (for Project 2) but *cough* not all of it.

I’m still hunting for that elusive information about cashew nuts (yeah, I really am not kidding about that!) but I’m now starting to pull together a lot of other information – I have plot (okay I’ve more or less always had that!), I have location, I have subplots and day trips, I have the British end of the names sorted out and (I think) I have a way to sort out the Sri Lankan names.

All things being equal I should be able to really start working on the writing side of things (while I finish up the research) this week.

On the project 1 front, not a great deal of progress has been made so I might possibly bench it in favour of project 2 – I’ll make that decision at the weekend and let you guys know one way or the other!

And in other project news, I’m officially adding a 4th project to my list of stuff to work on this year. It’s a contemporary fantasy series featuring Norse Gods, Roman history and British mythology (err, mostly not all at the same time), of which the first book is actually written (but in need of a goshdarngood edit/rewrite), the second book is about a third done and the third book has a series of intriguing bits written (including a really cracking opening pair of chapters – okay the first one does feature the cliche of the action turning out to be someone’s nightmare, but she’s a Seer so it’s at least partially justified).

So, for the next week I…
1) Will have a final bash at project 1 and decide if I’m going to mothball it for now
2) Will dig out all my drafts and bits and bobs on project 4
3) Continue with my research (won’t someone think of the cashew nuts…)
4) Read over my previous drafts for project 2 and make a start with updating them for the new location

Weekly word count: 450 (research only)