Another week ticks by and the search for the answer to my cashew question continues apace – I actually think I’ve got the answer now (horray!), but I wanted to share one of my more…interesting search results from earlier this week, namely the additional searches Google suggested in response to my query:

Searches related to cashew nut history
can you eat a cashew apple
what was the first satellite called
cashew poison
cashew nuts health benefits
can you eat cashew fruit
cashew processing
cashew shell
who conducted the first bcci recognised international 20-20 cricket tournament in india

As they say, some of these really are not much like the rest of them!

In other progress, I’ve now pulled together all my bits, drafts and snippets for project 4…er…and located the starts of two rather intriguing stories. (This is what happens when I go spelunking through my archives.)

One of them, I distinctly remember, started out as an assignment that I ended up mothballing because while the intro was good I had no frelling clue what the actual story was! Looking at it now, I still don’t know what my story is but I think I want to try and find out, so welcome to project 5.

The other one is the reverse. I know pretty much exactly what the story is – in fact, it’s an idea I’ve been playing with for pushing twenty years (!) – but I had no idea I’d ever even attempted to start it. It’s a big, sprawling, intergalactic, historical, mythological beast that I thought I’d always been a bit too intimidated to ever begin. Apparently, I was wrong…so here’s project 6.

So, for those of you playing along at home (!) the full project list is now as follows:
Project 1 – The Fountains of Mustabah
Project 2 – The story formally known as A Chinese Adventure
Project 3 – The Black Path Saga
Project 4 – Freyja’s Daughter trilogy
Project 5 – A Soldier Walks Into A Bar… (No, that’s not its final title)
Project 6 – The Story Keeper

In terms of lengths, Project 1 is definitely a short story. Project 2 is a novel, but I’ve actually got about half of it written in one guise or another so it’s a matter of pulling it together and fitting it to the new location. Project 3 is a series of novels (it’s at least three, but it could be as many as six). Project 4 is three novels. Project 5 could either be a short story OR it could be a really massive big huge sci-fi/space opera thing (like I said: I have a great opening but no clue where it goes!). Project 6 is a stand alone novel.

Note: where the project is several novels I’m (probably) not going to work on more than the first part in the series (the exception being project 3 where it might either be the first part or it might be one of the middle sections – the full explanation of that was back in my first post).

So I need to get busy.

The plan for the week ahead is as follows:
1) Finish writing up the chapter summary for project 2
2) Edit chapter 1 of project 2
3) Come up with a title for project 2 (because The Story Formally Known As A Chinese Adventure is, frankly, silly – and I’m not nearly cool enough to get away with that)
4) Wrap up Fountains of Mustabah (I read through what I’ve got and as it really is only about 500 words from being complete in draft, I’m going to push through with it)

Weekly word count: 398 (research/synopsis writing only)