Suddenly it’s Wednesday again and I’m not quite sure where the week has gone. Suffice to say, it hasn’t been one of my more productive weeks – and I really, really need to get better at carving out writing time.

Still, on the upside, I have managed to finish the chapter synopsis for project 2 and I have, tentatively, got a title for it. I’m leaning towards something along the lines of “The Hills of Ceylon” – at the end of the day, the setting is probably the most important character of the piece and the rest of the story is so much an ensemble piece that calling it something like “Ruth Abroad” feels like it doesn’t cover the half of it (even though that WOULD be a title with the right sort of tone!)

So what do you think?

For the week ahead:
1) Edit the first three of chapters of project 2 – it’s more a matter of find-and-replacing names that have changed and making sure that what’s left subsequently makes sense (the world needs no further instances of things along the lines of “He stirred his tea with his sthingy.”) than any real editing at this point.
2) Finish Fountains of Mustabah – at least in draft form!
3) Look at chapters 4-6 of project 2 and see what can be saved – I suspect not much of chapter 6, but the other two should be promising
4) Edit the last half a dozen or so chapters of project 2 – again, find and replace stuff more than real editing

If I can get all that done, I should be in a position to do some real writing on the project come the start of February.

Weekly word count: 450 (research/synopsis writing only)