Fair to say that my week didn’t entirely go to plan: I’d forgotten that the Winter Olympics was starting at the weekend and I do love me some speed skating and figure skating! (I’m less keen on the “chuck yourself off a mountain on a plank/pair of planks” events, but ice skating I get.)

However, I did get some work done. The opening three chapters of project 2 are solid, the next three chapters are in progress and the next three are outlined. So decent progress if not as much as I’d hoped for. Unfortunately, I failed dismally to keep a count of my words this week – it’s in the region on 10k, but more than that, I cannot say (because of having chunks of it already written).

I also managed to get some photos of both my planning board and also my current work space, so just to finish off this week’s update, here they are:

Bottom left is the passenger liner timetable from 1930, which I’m using to get my journey times right. Top right is a map of the relevant bit of Sri Lanka with an inset map of the world (I realised at the weekend I had no idea what else they’d see in the Med en-route, beyond the places I know they’d stop at!). Top left are some sketches of building plans so that I keep the location of the rooms consistent (and yes, there’s a bathroom included!). The note cards are notes for the first half of the novel. Bright pink is London; darker pink is the time at sea; yellow is the arrival in Sri Lanka. Roughly, there’s a note card per chapter until you get to the yellow cards which cover four or five chapters.

And my work space, looking remarkably NOT cluttered for a change! (Believe me, it normally looks much worse than this…) Most of the reference books you can see aren’t directly relevant to any particular project, but you never know when some of them will be useful! The timer is quite handy for doing writing sprints/bursts, while the note card is one of my cheat sheets for making sure that I spell stuff the same way twice. There’s also a mat for me to put my coffee mug down on (though as it’s directly behind my laptop, that will be moving) and a stand for my phone (so that I don’t sit there and fiddle with it!). All in all, it’s pretty comfortable.

So that’s me. More next week…if I can tear myself away from watching people glide around ice rinks!