Butterfly brain has been to the fore this week, partly encouraged by catching up on some of the documentaries I’ve DVR’d over the last six months. I now have a half formed idea of an alternate universe somewhere out there where Mary I, Elizabeth I and Lady Jane Grey got together and said “You know, the three of us are way smarter than these fools who’re trying to write us out of history; how about it, ladies? Shall we?”

And before anyone points out that Mary, as a Catholic, wouldn’t have countenanced such an alliance with two Protestants: that’s why it’s only half formed! That said, I’m stashing the idea away in my ideas file – while it probably doesn’t work in any version of the real world, no reason the concept wouldn’t transfer across to a fantasy setting. Also going in there is the enormous “what if” concept of “What if Boudica’s revolt hadn’t failed?” – an idea that I’ve toyed with on more than one occasion, but never really got much further than that, partly because it is so enormous. There’s also a few more minor bits gone in there, like the hydro engineering the residents of Petra, the symbolism of Paradise Gardens and the details of traditional Sri Lankan cooking.

(why yes, my documentary watching is random and varied, how did you notice?!)

This coming week should be a little better. I’m actually off work on Monday, so hopefully I’ll have a decently productive weekend. I’d like to start March knowing that I’ve ticked off a full two months’ worth of writing (and maybe even finished something – that would be good!)