About Me:
Thirty something, still vaguely wondering how she got there. English. Sometime classicist. Writer.

About My Writings:
Mostly fanfiction across a wide variety of genres and fandoms. Some original fiction. Several novel length works (fan and original), but nothing publishable at the moment (although I am working on it!)

Other Interests:
Music. Film. TV. Cross-stitch. Cricket. Ancient history and mythology.

That’s pretty much all you need!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Christine S said:

    So I came across this blog …. That talks about all these WIPs. Where do I find them? I’d love to read them! Especially the highlander universe/ncis!

    • Hola! Many, many apologies for the confusion. The bulk of the WIPs are up on my ff.net account, here (which also features the overwhelming bulk of my finished stories). The rest are either original work (in which case they’re not available publicly) or haven’t yet found a home (working on that!). Happy reading 🙂

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